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Selecting the right photo

Sending us your photo

Multiple purchase

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Selecting the right photo

When choosing your photo try to select one that has a compact central focal point with lots of background image, Try to send photos that haven't been cropped as we can do that when we format your image.


Sending us your photo

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email confirming your purchase. You can then reply to that email with the attachment of your chosen photo or send to ensure your order number is included in message.

Ensure you reply to the confirmation email as this will contain your order number. Please quote your order number with all correspondences

Multiple Purchases

When you are purchasing multiple wooden hearts in one order, each item will have a SKU code please state this code with order number in any correspondences.


If you are buying multiple personalised wooden hearts that require different images for a certain design, please state in your replying email which photo is for which SKU product code. 

For example you could write...

SKU 24A is for the photo with 2 people in it

SKU 14A is for the photo with the funny face.

SKU 06A is for the photo with 2 people in it with trees in back ground.

Please quote your order number with all correspondences.

Free delivery on all orders over £20

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